Traiettorie Liquide

Blue, the dolphin who teaches how to
protect and respect the water and seas around the world


“I am so happy that Blue is always with me, helping me to explain and raise children's awareness of how to respect nature and the sea,” Federica says.

Dolphins have always been regarded as carriers of messages of altruism and sociality. Dolphins are sociable, playful and friendly mammals. They like to be in the company of their fellow creatures as well as humans. They love to perform acrobatics, and their great agility allows them to jump up to 7 metres out of the water.

That’s why Federica chose the dolphin, Blue, as a companion on this adventure and made her the spokesperson and mascot of the Traiettorie Liquide project.

Blue was conceived and designed by Gruppo Alcuni, a leading Italian company in the production of animated series and films for young people, while Grani & Partners, a company in the Giochi Preziosi Group, produced and distributed the plush dolphin made from environmentally sustainable materials to Italian newsstands. 

Blue supports Federica in all her missions: it dives into the seas and oceans at her side; it accompanies her during races (on Level gloves designed with Swarovski crystals and on the helmet); it symbolically climbs mountains and reaches the most remote glaciers with her; it plays among the waves seeking the cleanest and clearest waters and helping to spread a strong and urgent message: that we need to fight against plastic and rubbish pollution.
Bring Blue to visit your seas, rivers, lakes, and mountains and help us spread the message of responsibility and sustainability.

mascotte Blue
Brignone con Michelle Hunziker
Federica Brignone con Fabio Fazio
Federica Brignone e Camila Raznovich
blue famosa

Blue and Federica meet for the first time

Here’s how Blue and Federica met, and how their friendship was born. For Blue, swimming in the sea and reuniting with her mother dolphin is impossible in the midst of filth and rubbish and Federica offers to help her, making her part of her #traiettorieliquide mission to show together what and how much can be done for the world’s waters. The video was made in collaboration with Gruppo Alcuni under the direction of Alessandro Trettenero.

Rivista Blue - Traiettorie Liquide

Download the magazine, and Blue will accompany you as you discover the Traiettorie Liquide project

Casa Buonanotte project - Federica Brignone reads “Blue against the plastic monster”

Casa Buonanotte