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Bormio 2000 Ski Slope Cleaning
Under the snow: carelessness


In 2020, Federica, together with the Celli Group-Acqua Alma, organised the cleaning of the finish area of a ski slope in Bormio 2000 together with the boys of the Sci Club del Bormiese and Sciare per la Vita.

The ski slopes during the winter are covered by the white blanket that hides everything, but with the spring, the snow melts and the carelessness and negligence of those who have passed by emerges. The willing group gathered around Federica and cleared the finish area of the Bormio 2000 ski slope of waste and rubbish, challenging each other to an alternative mini mountain competition: who could fill the most bags?

Bormio 2000 i ragazzi volontari

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