Traiettorie Liquide

Cleaning Pineta Clusone
with Plastic Free (2024)


On the occasion of Earth Day, champion Federica Brignone, along with Caffè Borbone and the Plastic Free Association, participated in the cleanup of the Clusone pine forest (Bergamo).

The objective of the initiative, which aimed to raise awareness about the problem of plastic pollution and to return a clean environment to the local community, was fully achieved: Federica and the 50 volunteers who participated in the cleanup collected over 100 kilograms of waste!

“Seeing so many volunteers of all ages actively participating in the collection of plastic and waste in my environment, the mountains, is a significant sign of awareness,” declares the champion. “Virtuous partnerships between companies and volunteer organizations and events like this are necessary to understand the importance of collective concrete actions: individually we can do little, but involving others we can accomplish a lot.

Brignone al lavoro con Plastic Free
Brignone con Plastic Free
Foto di gruppo Brignone, Plastic Free, Caffè Borbone
Brignone firma autografi
Spazzatura raccolta in pineta Clusone

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