Traiettorie Liquide

Follow the trajectories traced by water, from the highest peaks to the depths of the oceans

A path full of pitfalls for the survival of the Earth.

The only way to reach the salvation of the Earth is decarbonization, to counteract rising temperatures, pollution, and drought.

Federica Brignone Sciatrice

Looking out from the rooftops of the world, water glides between white glaciers.

Melting glaciers lead to rising sea levels and a dramatic reduction in the water reserves on which ecosystems rely.

Lulled by the currents, water ripples the placid mirrors of lakes.

The lake is a slow-motion ecosystem, where water is exchanged slowly and pollution and waste accumulate, compromising the entire ecosystem.

Impetuous and unrelenting, water flows in long, winding rivers.

Between obstacles, descents and ascents, water, with all its strength, makes its way along the rivers, taking everything it finds along with it.

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Swept along by rivers, the water flows into the immensity of the seas.

All the waterways lead to the sea, where everything that the water has collected and transported on its way flows into the sea.

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Floating in the oceans, water hides the depths of the abyss.

Plastic pollution of the oceans is endangering the life of marine fauna and flora.

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